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Nam Thuan Phat Group

Nui Thanh Mechanical Co.,Ltd

Le Quan Technology Co.,Ltd

Long Giang Co.,Ltd

Viet Thanh Mechanical Co.,Ltd

Thanh Long Industry Trading & Service Co.,Ltd

Viet Ha Co.,Ltd

Thanh Loi Mechanical Co.,Ltd

Binh Chuan Construction Mechanical Co.,Ltd

Khang Loc Phuc Co.,Ltd

Huynh Duc Service And Trading Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Tan Tai Engineering Co.,Ltd

Nam Viet Trading Technology Co.,Ltd

G.S.ACE Vina Co.,Ltd

Hokuriku Machinery Club JSC

Dong Bac Viet Co.,Ltd

Tazmo Vietnam Co.,Ltd

Fuji Impulse Vietnam Co.,Ltd

Van Tien Dung Mechanical Co.,Ltd

Saigon Industrial Metallic Co.,Ltd

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