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B.K.K. Vina Cooling Tower Co.,Ltd

Thanh Loi Mechanical Co.,Ltd

Duc Toan JSC

Tam Luc Corporation

Ohkubo Vietnam Co.,Ltd

Huy Khanh Bac Giang Co.,Ltd

Vietnam Investment Production And Trading JSC

Thanh Hung Automation JSC

Industrial Machinery and Instruments Holding JSC

Thanh Phuc JSC

Tam Sanh Plastic Mechanical Co.,Ltd

Binh Dong Hung Plastics Machinery Co.,Ltd

Hop Phat Investment & Trading Production JSC

Nghi Son Cement Corporation (NSCC)

Tri Viet Steel Buildings Co.,Ltd

Dong Son Manufacturing & Construction Co.,Ltd

Saki Production Service & Trading Corporation

KYC Machine Industry Vietnam Co.,Ltd

Asean Window Co.,Ltd

Viet Dong Son Trading Manufacturing Construction Co.,Ltd

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